Queen Anne House Tour Pre-Reno

Our new house will be lovely one day, emphasis on will. We are still in the first stages of fixing it up. We are ripping out ceilings and floors, adding a new roof and gutters, and getting all of the utilities finally on and running. Most of our contractors’ work is done, but we still have a ton of wall patching, repairs, cleaning, tiling, plumbing, and painting to do.

These pictures capture the beginning steps of our house renovation. The house is pretty messy and, yes, the walls are actually that slight shade of yellow (hopefully not for long). We can’t wait until we can share more of our progress as we take this house from a neglected mess to a happy, comfortable space. Enjoy!

The Exterior

Victorian Queen Anne Fixer Upper House Tour - The Before Pictures

Our house with the new roof and gutters. We will be getting rid of the overgrown bushes and landscaping as soon as the weather warms up.


Victorian Queen Anne double front doors.

The best feature in the house at the moment, our gorgeous front doors – original to the house since 1920.


Victorian Fixer Upper House Tour

The back door to our addition. There was a broken screen door on here before that we removed the first day after we closed on the house.


The Front Rooms

Double front doors in an old Victorian house.

The inside of our front doors. You can see that someone went a little crazy with a blue marker.


A before tour of a 1920's fixer-upper.

The view from our downstairs turret room. I can’t wait to put our Christmas tree here next year.


Queen Anne main floor.

This is the entry room into our house, complete with the old coal-burning fireplace. You can also see our stairs which are accessible from the front room and the kitchen in the back of the house.


The Dining Room

A Victorian house tour before renovation.

A view of the front room from our dining room.


Victorian house tour before renovation.

Here you can see the back entrance to our dining room. It leads into our back addition.


A 1920's Victorian house tour, before renovation.

Here is another angle of the back of our dining room. You can see the side entrance to the butler’s pantry hallway where you can access the kitchen and the stairs to the basement.


The Addition

An addition in a 1920's Victorian fixer-upper.

You can see the dining room entrance to the right and the kitchen bar to the left in this photo of our back addition room.


A Victorian house tour before renovations.

Another angle of our addition. We will be adding drywall to the ceiling, painting the paneling, and tiling the floor.


An addition in a Victorian house.

A view from across the kitchen bar. We will eventually paint all of the paneling and the cabinets. We will also change out the avocado green countertops.

Knotty Pine Close up.

A close up of our knotty pine paneling. This will eventually be painted.


The Kitchen

Kitchen renovation, before pics.

The view of our kitchen from our back door, and yes, it is a mess.


Kitchen renovation in a Victorian house.

Our kitchen, covered in plastic because of lead paint abatement.


A victorian fixer-upper before renovation.

This is NOT glass in this cabinet. It is plastic with puffy paint designs. You can’t make this stuff up.


A victorian kitchen renovation, the before pics.

Another view of our less-than-lovely kitchen.


Kitchen renovation in a Queen Anne.

Here’s another view of the corner (plastic glass) cabinet.


A whole house tour of a Victorian fixer upper.

You can see the funny little flower decals on the backsplash and the entry into the butler’s pantry hallway that leads to the dining room.


An abandoned victorian house tour.

Our kitchen leads to a hallway where you can access the side stairway and a small half bath.


The Half Bath

A victorian fixer-upper house tour.

The hallway and our half bath as viewed from the landing on our staircase.


The Staircase

An abandoned Victorian house tour.

The front access to our stairs. There are two landings, one at the middle where the side stairs connect, and one at the top where you turn to access the top floors.


Victorian house tour before renovation.

Another view of the two access points for the stairway.



A tour of an abandoned 1920's Queen Anne.

Our upstairs hallway that accesses all four bedrooms and our upstairs bathroom.


Victorian house tour, before photos.

The top of our stairway. The odd storage cabinet to the left of the stairs is actually blocking an old entrance to the stairway to the attic. We can’t wait to open it up and restore the stairway!


A tour of an abandoned 1920's Queen Anne.

Our upstairs turret room.


A tour of an abandoned 1920's Queen Anne.

The view of our upstairs hallway from the turret room.


A Victorian fixer-upper before renovation.

An abandoned figurine that was sitting in the window sill when we purchased the house.


A whole-house tour of a Victorian fixer-upper.

Our upstairs bathroom will be one of the first rooms that we completely transform before moving in.


A tour of an abandoned 1920's Queen Anne.

Our bathroom tub surround with red tape holding it to the wall. We will completely replace it with ceiling to tub tile.


A tour of an abandoned 1920's Queen Anne.

We’ve got enough lights for a Broadway dressing room in our bathroom.


Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Check back in a couple of months for a, hopefully, much prettier house tour as we make some much-needed progress.

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