Holiday Wish List for Home Improvement Addicts and D.I.Y. Dorks

Even though the Christmas decorations have been out in the stores since August, it is only now (after Thanksgiving) that I officially get in the holiday spirit and start narrowing down my gift plans for friends and relatives. I really think gift giving is about finding that item that says something about the recipient’s personality . . . something that will serve a specific use or is uniquely suited to that person. With that idea in mind, I’ve weeded through products to find some perfect gift ideas for the home improvement and d.i.y. enthusiast in your life. Some are incredibly useful while others are just cute, but all will bring a smile to a home rehabber’s face.

A holiday gift guide for home improvement enthusiasts.

All of the following products are available at and, full disclosure, does receive compensation for any sales from the links in this article.


A Magnetic Key Cloud to Keep Your Keys Organized

In my experience as a home rehabber and a landlord with rental properties, it seems like I am constantly acquiring new keys. I duplicate keys for renters or contractors and my personal key collection gradually grows as we switch out old locks or add locks to storage units, garages, and cellars. That’s why it’s a great idea to have one central and easily-located spot for keys. The key cloud below is not only adorable, but it contains a strong magnet that will quickly and easily attach keys for easy retrieval. Mount it next to the door, or in a coat closet and never lose your keys again.

Magnetic key holder shaped like a cloud.

A happy cloud magnetic key holder helps keep keys within easy reach. Plus, it’s cute. Purchase it here.


A Home Planner Book to Help You Remember Key Renovation Details

When you are constantly changing things in your house, it’s hard to remember the details about everything that you’ve done. The Black and Decker Home Planner and Logbook helps you track all of that important home information in one central spot. You can write down the paint formulas for each room, keep a record of the type of furnace filters you need to purchase and keep notes on updates or special features of your house. It’s a great tool that every home renovator should have.

Home remodeling planner and logbook.

This planner and logbook will keep you organized as you complete home remodeling projects. Purchase it here.



A Universal Socket Adapter to Remove Abnormal Screws

Do you ever have that one screw or wingnut that you can’t unscrew? It’s just odd enough that you can’t find the right drill bit or screwdriver to do the job. Well, with the Universal Socket Multi-Function Rachet Socket Adapter Set you will never have that problem again. This device comes with a drill adaptor so that you can easily use it to remove any deformed screw from walls and woodwork. It would make a great addition to any toolbox.

Universal socket with power drill adaptor gift for the holidays.

This universal socket with power drill adaptor is the versatile tool that you’ll grab for a ton of projects. Purchase it here.


A Set of Organized Sticky Notes to Help You Set and Keep Goals

Even though these sticky notes weren’t made with only the home in mind, they could have been. Each of these notes is perfect for daily reminders to keep projects moving forward and progress in check. I also love how they are all organized in a book for easy access.

Home renovation gifts, sticky notes for organization

Make a plan of action with these “to do” sticky notes that will help keep your renovation moving forward. Purchase them here.


A Set of Refillable Paint Pens to Touch Up Any Problem Areas

There’s nothing that changes the look of a room like a coat of fresh paint. Over time though, little knicks and scratches can start to arise. With these Touch-Up Paint Pens, you can now easily repair those little blemishes and keep your paint job looking fresh. Simply fill up the pens with the paint of your choice and apply directly to the problem areas.

Gifts for home remodeling addicts.

This set of touch up paint pens will let you quickly fix any nicks or scratches in your walls. Purchase them here.


A Headlamp with Night Vision Mode

Home improvement projects often require looking into dark areas where extra light is needed. A headlamp is a perfect solution to this problem and it keeps your hands free to work. This Energizer Vision HD Headlight is water resistant and illuminates with four different light settings, including a red night vision option.

Gifts for home improvement fans.

This LED headlamp omits 225 lumens of light and operates in four light modes. Purchase it here.


A Funny and Stylish Shirt to Remind You to Measure Twice

Anyone who does home improvement projects knows the old adage of “Measure twice, cut once.” They probably also know that things don’t always go as planned, even when you do measure twice. This shirt expresses that universal idea in a stylish and simple design. It comes in a variety of colors, but I like the basic black.

Measure, measure, swear shirt.

Anyone with a few home remodeling projects under their belt will appreciate the humor of this shirt. Purchase it here.


A Coloring Book that Will Give You Design Inspiration

For those home rehabbers who also love design, this Mid Century Modern coloring book will help spark their imaginations. It features popular patterns from one of the most loved home design periods. You can add your own colors to a variety of retro designs. It’s a great way to get inspired and to de-stress after a day of hard work.

mid century modern coloring book.

For the mid-century modern lover, this coloring book will give them all sorts of pattern inspirations. Purchase it here.


A Retro Patterned Roller that Takes the Place of Wallpaper

If you are looking for a truly unique gift, look no further. This patterned paint roller gives your walls the look of vintage wallpaper in any color of paint you choose. It may require some practice to line the designs up perfectly, but it is such a lovely way to add delicate designs to a wall. It’s also so easy to paint over, unlike wallpaper, if you no longer want a patterned wall. The Flower of Art company makes a variety of patterned rollers but I really loved the vintage charm of this deer pattern, and it’s perfect for Christmas.

Patterned paint roller to create faux wallpaper.

This patterned paint roller can give your walls the look of vintage wallpaper in any color you choose. Purchase it here.



Hopefully, you’ve gotten some good gift ideas for the and home design enthusiast in your life, or maybe even for yourself. From stocking stuffers to one-of-a-kind gifts, the ideas above are unique and useful for anyone who loves working on their home. Good luck with your gift shopping and happy holidays!

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