A Modern Victorian Bathroom Design

We’ve put so much work into our upstairs bathroom and we are almost ready for the big reveal. You can see all of our progress from the demo and prep, to the floor tile installation, and finally the subway tiled walls. But, right now we’re tying up all the small loose ends that come with any remodeling project. It’s those little details at the end that can make or break a room and we’ve thought long and hard about the kinds of features that will make the bathroom beautiful and more functional.

Some of our bathroom fixtures and materials are featured in the list below. We went with a brushed nickel for our metals because it’s a fairly neutral and classic finish. We also tried to look for products that featured a nod to Victorian style without hitting you over the head with it. Overall, we’re really happy with the way that it all came together. I’ll go into a little more detail about each one of the items below.

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Fixtures for a modern victorian bathroom remodel.

  1. ANZZI Mesto Series Shower Faucet in Brushed Nickel – I think this is one of my favorite things in our new bathroom. The crossbar handle is very Victorian but it has a nice wide modern shower head with two spray settings of massage and full body. Find it here.
  2. Glacier Bay Mandouri Series Double Towel Bar – This is a lovely towel rod but we, unfortunately, won’t be using this one in our bathroom. After we ordered it, we realized that it wouldn’t work well because it’s just a little too big. Oh well, we may use it in our half bath. Find it here.
  3. IKEA HEMNES / ODENSVIK Sink Cabinet with two drawers – This cabinet came with the sink top and was a really reasonable price for everything included. Thanks IKEA! We were surprised too by how spacious the drawers are. We can store about eight full-sized towels in the bottom drawer and get all of our daily toiletries in the top drawer. You can purchase one for yourself at an IKEA store.
  4. Kingston Brass Paris Single Hole 1-Handle Mid Arc Bathroom Faucet in Satin Nickel – This sink faucet looks beautiful with the IKEA sink and cabinet set we purchased. The white porcelain handle also adds a bit of Victorian charm. Find it here.
  5. Glacier Bay Mandouri Series Towel Ring – This towel ring goes with the double towel bar and toilet roll holder (number 6). We were able to get this set on sale through Home Depot. Find it here.
  6. Glacier Bay Mandouri Series Single Post Toilet Paper Holder – This toilet paper holder has a very small profile, which is perfect for our needs. It also has only one attachment point on the wall which makes our task of attaching it to tile a little easier. Find it here.
  7. Decor Grates ST410 Scroll Floor Register in Textured Black – Even floor grates can be up-grate-ed (I do realize this pun is so bad, it’s painful). Anyway, this floor grate is so pretty and it couldn’t be more suited to a Modern Victorian style. It’s perfect. Find it here.
  8. Merola Tile Twenties Classic Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile – This floor tile is beautiful. It’s a dark gray and light gray, although it looks almost black and white. I love their matte texture and antique look of the patterning. They really make this bathroom. Find them here.
  9. IKEA IMMELN Shower Basket – I included this awesome suction shower basket on this list because it is one of the best shower baskets I have ever used. It actually sticks like glue to the wall and it has an extremely simple classic look that doesn’t detract from our overall Victorian design. I actually think we’ll pick up another one next time we’re at IKEA. Find it here.

Check back soon for our final bathroom reveal! I can’t wait to share how it all came together.

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