How We Transformed Our Bedroom with IKEA Curtains

Our bedroom is one of the few rooms in our house that is almost done being renovated. We’ve scraped the old paint, patched the plaster, repainted the walls and ceilings, finished the floors, and now we just have to add finishing touches like a ceiling fan and curtains. We had already been sleeping in the room for a while with no window coverings so it was a relief to finally check curtains off of our to-do list for this room.

Shopping for Curtains

In my book, the best place to get nice curtains for a great price is IKEA. I appreciate the fact that IKEA curtains are usually about a foot longer than the standard length of curtains at big box stores. You can also usually get a set of two panels for the cost of one panel at other stores. And they offer a wide enough assortment of colors and prints to be able to find something for just about any room.

We decided to go with IKEA MARIAM curtains in yellow for our windows, but we also found some lovely sheer MURRUTA curtains on sale. We snatched both sets up for less than $10 a panel. We also purchased some of the RACKA curtain rods in and the BETYDLIG wall brackets. There are a variety of finials you can get to go on the end, but we went with the standard ones for now. We may upgrade to the glass globes later.

White bedspread, yellow curtains, gray walls, and sheer curtains with lights behind the bed. #rehabdorks

We attached the curtain rods so that they made one long curtain rod along the outside wall.

Creating a Cozy Space with Curtains

Of course, we needed window coverings, but we also needed a way to quiet the room and make it feel a little more welcoming. One of the great things about the IKEA curtain rods is that they can be joined to make one long rod. This got me thinking that we could make a long row of curtains on the wall behind our bed and use the sheer MURRUTA curtains kind of like an extended headboard. This would create a relaxing atmosphere and soften the echoing noise from the busy outside road.

Since we had just taken down our Christmas lights, I thought we might as well use them as well. I decided to throw them up behind the sheer curtains to create some soft light around the bed. I draped the lights over the rods and I plugged them into an extension cord with a switch so we could easily turn them on and off. I’m so glad I did because they add such a beautiful light at night. It’s just enough to be able to read without it being too bright. I love it, though I may eventually replace my old string lights with some more delicate fairy or icicle lights.


How to use curtains in a bedroom to create a soft and soothing mood. #rehabdorks

I put the dressing screen in front of the side window so that we could leave the curtains open to see the night sky without losing privacy.

Using curtains for more than just windows.

Hopefully, you get a sense of just how cozy the space is now. Also, check out the lovely Afghan my mom knitted.

A simple design solution for a bedroom. Add curtains behind the bed.

I also had an old headboard that had been handed down from my grandma. You really do need to have a headboard in front of the curtains so that you don’t stretch or pull the curtains down by leaning on them. The headboard turned out to be just tall enough to function as a barrier between us and the curtains and it was a nice neutral wood that fit with the other furnishings in the room, so it was perfect.

All in all, it really didn’t take much to make this room feel so much more finished and relaxing. For under $100, we were able to create a comfy little retreat from the craziness of our construction zone house. It’s nice to feel like at least part of our house is in a normal livable state, even if it’s just one room. Make sure to check back to see how we bring some of our other rooms back to life as well.



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